My Three Core Issues

We must restore accountability to our Judicial system.  We the people are victims of a system that patrols "itself" to do the right thing, and it does not.  Defense attorneys readily admit they won't go after corruption within the system that is feeding them.  The Prosecutors, Judges, and other ancillary participants have become a beast that continues to feed at society's expense.  They proclaim they deserve immunity from wrong doing because they claim to be doing the work of society, when in fact it has become all about winning and saving face.

The rampant corruption in our court systems is the driving force of the breakdown of the law enforcement/citizen construct.  Pressure put on Police from the system they serve results in the creation of crimes among society as a method of fulfilling those local budget short falls.  Even worse, is the ancillary players creating lies as a method of lining their pockets at society's expense.  This is the foundation of why I will fight diligently to correct these 3 issues because I have personally lived through the hell they create.

1) End the practice of Federally Funding State Sanctioned Kidnapping
Cash bonuses within the Child Welfare System systematically creating a culture of greed and corruption that profits from ripping families apart and traumatizing children.

2) Actually address the opiate epidemic with TRUE evidence based solutions - Repeal CARA
A law that will only make patients suffer, Vilify Doctors and lead to more arrests for drug court participants generating more cash bonuses for the system and its ancillary providers.

3) End the insane prohibition on Industrial Hemp & Cannabis Over 60% of our country’s voters want legalization.
Our country’s vote BUYERS - i.e. the pharmaceutical, the alcohol, the drug testing, the lumber, the oil, the ethanol, and the tobacco industries, as well as the judicial system, the prison system, and law enforcement - believe that their personal profits are more important than creating home grown jobs which cannot be off-shored, putting more money in the pockets of farmers, creating a more ecologically sound environment, improving the quality of life for millions of people and actually saving the lives of thousands more!


A) Lower the age of consent to 18. It is absolutely criminal that a citizen can volunteer to endure the horrors of war for his/her country, come home, and be arrested for having a beer.  If you're an adult, you are an adult.

B) Eliminate the Federal Income Tax filing for the 97.3% of our citizens who are earning less than our Congressional Representatives who earn $174,000 a year. Or have every human file as a corporation.  Either way people & true small businesses win.

C)  Every citizen should have the same level of healthcare as we give to our Congressional Representatives.

D)  Socially, we just have to accept that all people need to be treated legally equal. Be you heterosexual or any part of the LGBT community, you are a human being and we are all entitled to the same basic constitutional rights. Also, more than 79% of the Governing body is male, and since God has not grated men a womb, we have no business in voting on how a woman governs her body. Finally, can we slow down our destruction of our planet a little bit? Safer practices are just around the corner if we can work together to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and halt the disregard for the environment.

What I believe in, and what I want to bring into Congress, is simple: Represent the will of those citizens who elected you, and nothing else. An elected official isn’t chosen to push their personal agenda or to blindly vote in favor of their party when it does not represent the will of their people. If you do not support a bill on the floor, I will not vote for it. However, I WILL do everything I can to make sure you are fully aware of what every bill presented to me states, what its implications are, and what I see as advantages and disadvantages of this legislature on our district as a whole. No matter what my personal beliefs though, I will vote as my citizens see fit. You will have chosen me to do the job of Representing YOU! Not myself; Not a Party; But YOU, the citizens of this district, who work and live together!